ACS Samsung Aircon Installers | Maldives, Boracay, Cassette inverter

ACS Samsung Residential Aircons

Model - Samsung AR5500M Maldives Inverter Range

* Digital Inverter, Ultra-efficient 8-Pole Compressor that saves up to 68% of energy compared to other conventional air-conditioners
* 2.5 kW to 6.15 kW (Cooling capacities)
* 3.2 kW to 7.00 kW (Heating capacities)
* Outdoor unit has Anti-Corrosion Fins for the ultimate durability
* Anti-Bacterial Allergy Care Filters


Model - Samsung AR9500 Wind-free Midwall Split Premium Digital Inverter Range

* Enjoy an effective level of coolness without a direct blast of air.
* the digital Inverter 8-Pole technology saves you up to 68% of energy
* Reducing over 99% of ultrafine dust and avoid capturing of dangerous contaminants and allergens with Samsungs Ultra-Wide Filter covers, 100% of the air inlet, , while an Easy Filter
* Reduces bacteria and viruses by up to 99% with Samsung's Virus Doctor Technology
* This unit is equipped with a Smart Wi-Fi enabled feature


Model - Samsung Boracay Midwall Non-Inverter Aircon Range

* 4 cooling/heating models from 9000 to 24000 Btu/h in a sleek new design
* Fast Mode for rapid cooling/heating
* Energy-Saving 'Good Sleep' mode
* Full HD filter with multiple purification - removes even the best tiniest microscopic airborne particles
* Auto Clean function that ensures unit always dry inside - keeps air fresher and cleaner


Model - Samsung AR5500 Maldives Digital inverter

* Fast cooling about 18% faster than your normal cooling modes with Samsung's Digital inverter 8 pole compressor
* Samsung's Coils with Durafin coating for even greater durability
* Sleek finish, Grade A cooling energy efficiency not to mention class
* Full-HD filter for better Allergy and Anti-bacterial Care and comes with a good sleep mode setting
* "DurafinTM passes the Sea Water Acetic Acid Test (SWAAT) over 90 days. Samsung DURAFINTM protects itself from rusting. And its unique shape provides more space for heat transfer, resulting in better efficiency."


Model - Samsung Cassette Inverter 4-Way

* Environmentally and earth friendly R410A Gas
* 7 models available in sizes ranging from 24000Btu to 48000Btu
* Single and 3-phase models also available in this range
* 50-75 meter piping length to outdoor unit with a 3 meter elevation