Samsung Max Inverter

Samsung’s Triple Protector ensures maximum reliability Triple Protector and durability Efficient Samsung Inverter technology reduces electricity consumption by as much as 40%, compared with conventional airconditioners

Samsung Max

Silver Nano-coated filter and evaporator not only traps microscopic dust particles but also kills fungi and removes unpleasant odours. Samsung’s Good Sleep II feature automatically adjusts temperature and humidity to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep

Samsung Vivace

This stylish climate control heat/cool air conditioning system is designed to be a classy feature in any space with its mirror smoke glass finish front surrounded by silver/grey paneling.

Samsung Digital Variable Multisystem

Samsung’s Digital Variable Multisystem ensures highly-efficient and environmentally-friendly airconditioning for commercial use as well as upmarket luxury homes.

Samsung Inverter 4-Way Cassette

Economical, energy-efficient eco-friendly airconditioning for larger areas, Available in sizes from 24 000 BTU to 48 000 BTU.

Samsung Free Joint Multi

The Samsung Free Joint Multi airconditioner allows one exterior compressor unit to be linked to multiple indoor rooms, the total number being dependant on the size and capacity of the outdoor / indoor units.

Samsung Inverter MSP Duct

With an indoor unit mounted in the ceiling linked to a separate outdoor compressor unit, ducted splits allow the cooling of several areas via ducts in ceilings or walls.